Watertech is breaking new ground!

In 2019 we were driven towards exploring new services that we could provide our customers. After a lot of research, we saw that alternative energy services is what everybody is interested in. The term going "off-grid" seemed to come up all the time. So, we took it upon ourselves to grow our company to be able to provide you, our valued clients, with all the services you need all in one company.

When you contact Watertech now, you will no longer be able to only receive help with irrigation and pumps, but also with Solar energy, Diesel Generators, sub-soil drainage, rain-water harvesting and so much more.

1. Our new Services:

Solar energy:

Watertech is now a fully qualified installer of all solar systems. Whether you would like to go off-grid or simply run some sections of your house on solar power, we can do it! Furthermore, our solar services include solar borehole pumps as well as solar geysers.

But wait! There is more! We don't just install solar systems, we also repair all kinds of existing solar systems!

Diesel Generators

No matter what your electricity needs are whether large or small we can supply and install a diesel generator that will cover what you need. We know that in South Africa electricity can be very intermittent and that is why we have made sure that we can provide you with solutions to get over this hurdle. When we install a generator, we ensure that you also receive all the appropriate documentation and certification that state that the generator has been installed lawfully and safely. This documentation comes at no cost to you. And yes, we also do the really tiny generators too!

2. We are changing our look!

To start this new year we have decided that we want our clients to know that we may have 37odd years of experience but we are not an idle company that is stuck in it's ways. Therefore, we have decided to completely redesign the look and feel of our company.

We started by redesigning our website to look more modern and be more user-friendly. Following this we designed our new logo, which you will undoubtedly see our technicians wearing.

This is our new logo which we feel shows that we still cling to our original company values while embracing new technologies and ideas.

A big thanks goes out to Mr Caleb Fluech for designing this new logo for us.

3. We are becoming more efficient in 2020:

We have not only endeavoured to look better and provide more services but we have also become committed to working more efficiently. We want to be able to get to more of our clients than we did last year. We have organised our teams into groups that work better together. Our quoting and invoicing systems have gotten even more streamlined so that you never have to wait days for a quote or invoice. There are several other changes that we have made to ensure that you get the best possible service you could, from us.

We are really looking forward to this year ahead because we know we will be able to provide a better service. We are excited to hear more from our clients about how they think we can improve.

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