Irrigation Systems

Residential / Commercial

  • Hydroponics

  • Drip Irrigation

  • Mist Sprayers

  • Pop-Up

  • Riser Irrigation Systems for Gardens

(Automatic or Manual)


  • Overhead Sprayers

  • Mist Sprayer Systems

  • Drip and Hydroponic Systems For Greenhouses

  • Canon Sprinkler


  • Dust Supression Irrigation

  • Canon Sprinkler Systems

Sport / Astro

  • Canon Sprinklers

  • Pop-Up Systems

We are experts in the pump and irrigation industry providing services that include repairs and  installations of a wide range of systems. Moreover, we also provide specialised services such as rainwater harvesting, sub-soil drainage, water filtration as well as the designing and installing of customised electrical panels,.


As far as our irrigation services go, we provide full installations of automatic and manual systems across the commercial, residential, sport and industrial sectors. This means that we also provide repairs and services to existing irrigation systems that have been installed by someone other than ourselves.


Our experience with irrigation systems means that we have been able to specialise in other systems as well. This includes borehole pump installations which can help your irrigation system run smoothly without depending on municipal water. We also repair all makes and models of borehole pumps.


However, we are also aware that not all properties can rely simply on the amount of water that a borehole pump can supply directly. This is why we use water tanks for storage and then use booster pumps to pump water from these tanks to wherever it is needed. This is especially necessary for larger properties. We can also repair these booster pump systems when needed.


Further, our expertise can be put to use on smaller systems that are not meant for irrigation purposes as well. These would be smaller systems such as fountain pump installations and repairs. On all of the pump and irrigations systems that we provide we can also help with pump protection from severe weather, wear and tear and daily abuses.