Lawns like landscapers

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

Have you ever wondered how landscapers manage to get those perfectly green running lawns? You've also probably considered that it will empty your bank account to achieve these kinds of grass landscapes...

We are however delighted to tell you that if you make use of Watertech's services you can have lawns like these too without breaking the bank!

Several people try in vain to manage their lawns in such a way that allows them to have perfect lawns like the ones we see above. They do everything they can from lawn food, to expensive types of grass. But why do their efforts fail?

Well from our experience, the answer is almost always that they either don't have an automated irrigation system or that their current system has been badly programmed. The issue lies with the sensitivity of the grass. Most lawns are extremely sensitive to being under or over-watered, so if your irrigation system's program has been planned incorrectly your grass will never prosper as it should.

We have had more than 30 years of experience in lawn management, and we know that with the proper equipment and the correct programming, any lawn can thrive and become what seems to be the impossible for most people. In our experience RainBird's products, especially their irrigation controllers are by far the most versatile. They allow us to program several different areas for the exact amount of time we need. This also means that there is no unnecessary water wastage when running your irrigation program.

Personally, we believe that if you have us as professionals install your irrigation system, that we can help you in your endeavours to have those beautiful running lawns. We have done it for so many other clients in the past and with our experience of irrigating the Rand Stadium for the 2010 FIFA World cup we know that we can do the best job.

Rand Stadium

So if you though that having beautiful running lawns is an unobtainable task, think again. We know that we can help you achieve this goal through using our expertise in the field. Don't wait any longer, give us a call today and allow us to come give you a free quote so you can get your dream started!

Until next time,

Stehan Ceronio

Watertech PR

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