Is it more "water-wise" to use irrigation systems?

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

Automated sprinkler wetting beautifully green blades of grass, covered in dew drops.
Automated sprinklers are "water-wise"

Have you heard how people say that they don't want to install irrigation systems because it wastes too much water? Well, we are happy to announce that this is no longer the case. In this post we will be taking a look at why it is more water economic to install an automated irrigation system.

In the past, irrigation systems were not as efficient as they are now and admittedly a lot of water was wasted. This was due to the inexperience of the installers, materials that were manufactured below par, and the absence of programmable sprinkler systems.

In this day and age, however, we no longer have these problems. We now have access to irrigation products that have been manufactured with extreme attention to detail. Furthermore, when you make use of Watertech irrigation we can ensure you that we have more than 30years of experience in the installations of irrigation systems.

In South Africa we are under extreme pressure to save water and this has sparked the trend in people using hosepipes to wet their gardens instead of their irrigation systems. This is done with the greatest of intentions but unfortunately they are unwittingly wasting water that they need not. Recent studies have shown that a well programmed, automated sprinkler system can save as much as 25% in water wastage, compared to manual systems.

automated sprinkler system on small grass patch
This in return allows the irrigation technician to program the system to work in zones for only small periods of time.

After much research we have come to the conclusion that people who choose to have manual irrigation systems or simply use a hose sprinkler, tend to get busy and forget that they have the sprinklers going. This leads to enormous amounts of water wastage. This exact reason is why it is more efficient to use automated sprinkler systems.

Most automated irrigation systems are now coupled with Microjet and fine Nozzle sprinklers. These sprinklers provide proficient amounts of moisture without using hundreds of litres worth of water. This in return allows the irrigation technician to program the system to work in zones for only small periods of time. This means that even if you are gone all day, your flower beds and lawn will get exactly the amount of water it needs and not a drop more. Thereby, the automated irrigation system prevents even the tiniest drop of water wastage, and you will never need to worry about forgetting to water those delicate flowers of yours...

In the past 5 years it has become evident that it is far more efficient to use a well installed and programmed, automated irrigation system. However, it must be said that if an inexperienced technician installs the system it could also lead to behemothic amounts of wasted water. So it is important to use the company with the most experience in the field of installing these systems. Watertech Irrigation has been on the job for more than 30 years and we are proud to say that this makes us the most experienced in the whole Gauteng Province.

So if you want to save water but you still want those beautifully green, running lawns and flower beds bursting with colour, why not install an automated irrigation system today? You can even contact us for a free quote without any obligations right here.

Thanks for reading this week's post and please keep your eyes peeled for our next post where you will learn how you can have those landscaper-like, running lawns we all dream about!

Till next time,

Stehan Ceronio

Watertech PR

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