Drip irrigation
Drip Irrigation
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For all your Irrigation, Borehole, Pump & Solar installation and repair services 


Irrigation services

Pump services

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  Irrigation Services

Irrigation Systems - Repairs and Installations:

  • Drip irrigation

  • Lawn irrigation

  • Sport irrigation

  • Agricultural irrigation

  • Golf course irrigation

  • Automated irrigation

  • Manual irrigation systems

  • etc

Solar Panels on Roof

   Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy Systems, Solar, LED, Heating, Aircon, etc:

  • Solar panel installations

  • Solar geyser installations

  • Solar borehole pumps supply, install and repair

  • Solar pool water heating

  • Airconditioning

  • Heat pump installations

  • Green house temperature management systems


  Borehole Services

Borehole pump repairs & Installations:

  • Borehole pump supply

  • In house repairing and testing of borehole pumps

  • Solar Borehole pumps

  • Borehole pump extraction

  • Borehole pump replacements

  • Borehole water testing and filtration

  • UV Water filtration systems

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Water Back-up Systems

Rainwater harvesting, Municipal back-up tanks, etc:

  • UV water filtration

  • Rainwater harvesting gutters and tanks.

  • Underground storage tanks

  • Subsoil drainage systems

  • Off-grid water storage systems

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Booster Pump Services

All types of booster pump repairs & installations:

  • Booster pump sizing and pressure readings

  • Water storage systems

  • In house booster pump repairs and testing

  • Mechanical seal and bearing replacements

  • Full Booster pump installations

  • Water pressure solutions

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Water Filtration Systems

Household filters, Borehole purification filters, etc:

  • UV anti-bacterial filters

  • Reverse-osmosis filters

  • Under-counter water filtration systems

  • Borehole-to-drinking water filter systems

  • Water testing

  • Customised filtration systems to suit your individual aesthetic needs as well as your specific water type. 

About Us

We are highly trained and experienced irrigation and pump specialists. As a family we established this business in 1982. Come to us when you need a proper irrigation job done or when you have a pump that needs to be repaired or installed. We have always prided ourselves in our ability to install and repair all types of irrigation systems and pumps. 

We repair and install all pumps including:

  • Pool pumps

  • Borehole Pumps

  • Booster pumps

  • Solar Borehole pumps

We repair and install all irrigation systems including:

  • Drip irrigation systems

  • Residential irrigation systems

  • Lawn irrigation systems

  • Sport field irrigation systems

  • Golf course irrigation

  • Agricultural irrigation systems

Our other services include:

  • Water Filters

  • Water filtration systems

  • Solar systems for both water and electricity

  • Pump Repairs

  • Irrigation Repairs

  • Water Technology

  • Sub-soil drainage

  • Rain-water Harvesting

  • "Green" Water Solutions

  • Borehole Water testing and filtration

We can get you off the grid!!

Our Areas Include:

  • Pretoria

  • Johannesburg 

  • Krugersdorp

  • Roodepoort

  • Randburg

  • Centurion

  • Kempton Park

  • Midrand

  • Alberton

  • Boksburg

  • Benoni

  • Edenvale

  • Vereeniging

  • Fourways

  • Rosebank.

Anywhere in Gauteng